Get your face in the game The Heavy contest



Thursday, April 2010 – Frazer Nash Communications are proud to announce a unique opportunity for gamers worldwide to become part of the upcoming game The Heavy.  If you visit the website  you can read the following:

Now is the time to be getting excited about The Heavy.   The developers are working hard to deliver this brilliant game to you, and now you can become famous and join the ranks of all those characters in The Heavy game. How? Enter this contest and you could be the one lucky winner!

One lucky person will get their face included in the final version of the game! Yes that's right, you will become one of the game’s characters!

What do you have to do in order to win? Draw your face as a comic book character in the style of a gangster, drug dealer, mafia or general bad guy or girl. The best entry will be included in the story and the character in the game will be named after you.

Please make sure when making a submission that your work is original and appropriate to show!

You can send in your submissions as a scanned image to.........


Go to facebook to enter the competition (click to facebook)


Age: 15+

The winning entry will be notified by FNC. In entering this competition you agree for this image and your name to be used as part of the promotion campaign for this game.  We don’t have to inform you that we will be using the image as part of the promotions.